Oncologists Accidental Discovery – This Juice Kills Cancer Cells in 48 hours!


There are many things nowadays that are considered as a cure for cancer. Some of them are controversial however, some of them can be really helpful. Moreover, these alternatives may not be directly affecting the condition of cancer, however, they can be helpful for coping the symptoms from this bad disease or its treatments.

How does this function?

This extract induces apoptosis inside the cancer cells. In other words, it is making the cancer cells to destroy themselves, however not affecting the healthy ones. This research is still developing, but its potential for treating this disease is really high.

What are the researches saying?

According to a research from a group of Canadian scientists that have been working at the University of Windsor on this subject since 2009, there is one herb, and that is the dandelion, that is really effective against cancer and can destroy it for a period of only 2 days without having any side effects.

This research started when Pamela Ovadje found that the dandelion root tea is connected to lower risk for cancer. She head that one patient had improvement because of this tea, so they decided to investigate more about this and the effect it will have on other patients as well. At first, they were skeptical because they thought that if this was true people would have discovered it earlier.

We used the extract from the root of dandelion and tested in on different kind of cancers in the lab, including also leukemia cells, and colon and pancreatic cancer.

We discovered that it affects them, without making harm to the healthy cells. This treatment showed as successful as well when we tried it in mice that had human cancer cells transplanted – says Ovadje.

So, the research of dandelion has been approved since 2015, so we should wait and see if it is going to be the cure for this awful condition.

Read the known benefits from the dandelion root:

  • It is good for nourishing the liver.
  • It is also used for treating anemia because it is rich in zinc and iron.
  • You can maintain the regularity because of its laxative features.
  • It is beneficial for the liver and for strengthening our blood as well.
  • It is detoxifying our body from the toxins and it is also helpful for some skin problems.
  • According to some studies, it is helpful for lowering the cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • It helps the digestion, therefore allowing the effect of the other nutrients, minerals and vitamins as well.

People call it a purifier for the body. It also contains organic sodium which is beneficial for the lack of nutritive salts.