9 Mistakes which you do every day and are harmful to your face skin

With everyday exfoliation you make your skin smooth, but it’s only short term. Additionally you can damage your protective layer of your skin if done long term.

It’s time you stopped making the same mistakes that damage your skin.

You change your cosmetic products too frequently.

Yes, there is wide range of products in the stores, but you must stop testing new products every time you get a chance. This could lead to an allergic reaction to your skin.

You exfoliate every day

Your skin has the ability to regenerate without your “intervention”, so as long as you exfoliate everyday with the task in mind to make it smooth, in the long term you can damage the protective layer of the skin.

You don’t use facial cleansers

Some facial cleansers are useless, but facial cleansing milk is necessary to fully remove the dirt from your face. If left not fully cleansed and only splashed with water it may develop acne, greasy skin and clogged pores.

You use the same pillow cover for more than 2 days

The pillow gathers dust, dead skin cells even hair from your pets (if you have them in your house). So to keep you face from breakouts.

You don’t use face tonic

Face tonic is not just “water” with a gentle and pleasant smell. It keeps your Ph levels of your skin in “the green”. Also it serves as a basis for any cosmetic products you plan to apply afterwards.

You use pressed powder to remove the glow of the greasy skin

Your skin is greasy every day, so if you keep applying pressed powder on it, it won’t be the solution. On the contrary you’ll only make it worse and clog down the pores. Instead of doing that, gently try to extract the oil from the skin with dry tissues.

You wash your face before taking a shower

It’s best for you to wash your face after taking a shower, because it’s likely that some remains from shampoo might still be left on your skin.

You don’t use night creams before sleep

After a whole day with makeup you need to let your skin rest. Using a night cream would neutralize the negative effects from the cosmetic products you use throughout the day.

When it’s cloudy, you don’t use sunscreens

The sun rays penetrate your skin even if it’s cloudy outside, so make sure you use sunscreens throughout the whole year in order to protect your skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure.