80% Of Heart Attacks Can Be Prevented If You Do These 5 Things!


Heart diseases are one of the most common death causes for people all over the world every year. More than 1 million Americans die from cardiovascular diseases every year.

In most cases, people suffer from chronic artery disease (CAD) that can result in a heart attack. Research has shown that 920,000 people in the US will suffer a heart attack and almost half of them won’t even get a warning signal.

Heart attack can be a result from blood clots in some part of the heart. Heart attack as well as other cardiovascular diseases can be prevented in these 5 ways:

Although heart attacks are common and are an extremely painful experience, they can be prevented. We all know that our way of life and diet have a huge role in our overall health, but not most of us are aware that we can use greatly use that to our own advantage.

The Carolina Institute conducted a study in which it was discovered that if you make these 5 simple lifestyle changes, you can successfully prevent the risk of heart disease for 80%.

Even the researchers of the study weren’t fully aware of the benefits that these 5 lifestyle changes could bring.

Down below we have 5 simple – but effective lifestyle changes you can implement to prevent heart attack as well as other cardiovascular diseases and body illnesses:

— Healthy diet

— Physical activities and exercises

— Consuming moderate amounts of alcohol (10-30g per day)

— Quit smoking

— Maintain healthy weight

Although you might believe the exact opposite, your biggest dietary enemies are: sugar, processed foods, refined and refined carbohydrates.

However, many people often confuse these sugars and processed fats as the cause for bad cholesterol, and bad cholesterol is often believed to be directly connected to heart diseases.

It is important to note that there are two types of LDL particles.,

  • Small, thick LDL particles
  • Large, soft LDL particles

The large LDL particles aren’t harmful, but the small and thick particles are known for clogging the arteries.

Healthy diet for the heart

In order to prevent heart sicknesses, you need to completely eliminate trans-fats and processed foods from your diet. You also need to consume sugar, but in moderate amounts.

To eliminate the risk of heart disease, follow the instructions below:

— Eliminate sugar and processed fructose from your diet, and replace it with natural organic food.

— Consume vegetables.

— Moderate consumption of high-quality proteins.

— High quality healthy fats

Sources of healthy fats are: dairy products, organic meat, organic egg yolks, coconut and coconut oil, nuts, butter made from organic meat, avocado, and essential oils.

You also need the recommended amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

These fatty acids stimulate the formation of new cells in the arteries that boost procatcilin and promote blood flow.

The lack of omega-3 in the body is directly connected to a large number of serious health issues, both mental and physical.

Fruits for a healthy heart

A study presented on the Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this year, reveals that the consumption of fruits on daily basis lowers the risk of heart disease by 40% in comparison to the people who don’t consume fruits.

Also, it was shown that many of the participants in the study that consumed fruits the overall health risks were significantly lowered.
This is based on the fact that the fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytochemicals that have potent anti-inflammatory properties and promote heart health.

The British Medical Journal, published a study in which it is shown that eating one apple a day, eliminates any risk of cardiovascular sickness connected to the death of people aged 50 and above.

Still you need to be careful with sweet fruits as it might contain large amounts of fructose.

Research has shown that 80% of Americans are insulin-tolerant so if you’re one of them and you’re having issues with diabetes, excess weight or high cholesterol, you need to consume fruits in moderate amounts (15grams per day).

However if you’re not insulin-tolerant and if you exercise regularly the excess amount of fructose from fruits won’t cause any problems to you.

Diabetes cure increases the risk of heart disease

One of the most common diabetes cures – metformin, makes the tissue sensitive to insulin. However according to newest research, the use of metformin decreases the production of the thyroid-stimulating hormone in case of hypothyroidism.

If the production of this hormone is decreased, it might lead to serious health issues as well as heart diseases.


Beta-blockers are a common medicine usually used in case of congestive heart weakness and high blood pressure. They disrupt the neurotransmitters of adrenalin and epinephrine from connecting with the beta-receptors by dilating the blood vessels and thus eliminating blood pressure and heart beating.

Beta-blockers are usually recommended when heart surgery isn’t.

However, according to a research done in the beginning of 2016, the consumption of beta-carotene has led to the death of 800.000 death cases in Europe in a 5 year span.

But this research was made by a scientist that was fired back in 2011 for inappropriate scientific behavior.

It took the ESC 2 years to call back the prescriptions for beta-blockers and the delay of the call-back led to the death of 500.000 people.

Recently, Forbs published a version of the study where all of the side-effects and risks are explained in detail.

Preventing a heart attack

Don’t wait for the symptoms to kick in order to make a change. You can start with the changes right now. Here are a few things you can do to protect your health:

Reduce stress

— Eliminate all types of sugar if you’re insulin or leptin intolerant

— Increase vitamin D intake

— Avoid sitting for long periods of time (it isn’t recommended that you sit longer than 3 hours)

— Avoid consuming unprocessed animal fats

— Eat healthy, organic food parallel with regular exercises