8 Warning Signs That Your Heart Doesn’t Work Properly


Heart is probably the most important organ and we need to keep it healthy in order to allow it to work nonstop so that we can live. The number of people that die of heart diseases increases every day. One of the most common causes of heart diseases is unhealthy lifestyle and stress.

If your heart is not functioning well, your body will start suffering and it will show signs that something is not right. Sometimes identifying these signs and getting proper medical care on time can help you save your life. Therefore you need to learn to read the signs of your body and react before it is too late.

8 Warning Signs That Your Heart Doesn’t Work Properly

Arm pain

Pain in the arm is very common symptom linked to heart problems. While men feel pain in the left arm women experience pain in both arms. Some people even point out intense pain in the elbow as a symptom of heart attack. Even though scientists say that we feel arm pain because our body is confused at the moment, if you feel pain that is intense and unusual in one or both arms then you need to see your doctor so that you get proper diagnose and treatment before it is too late.


People that deal with anxiety are most likely to suffer from heart diseases. Anxiety can sometimes be caused by stress, phobias and panic attacks and it can affect your heart by increasing the heartbeat, increasing blood pressure. Visit your doctor to help you deal with anxiety disorders and prevent heart diseases.


Cough is a following symptom of various disorders and health conditions and it can also be linked to heart disease. This is especially if the cough is frequent, it is not healing and the phlegm sometimes has blood through it. See your doctor if you are bothered with persistent cough because it can also be symptom of very serious diseases.


When the heart is not working right it is limiting the blood amount that gets to the cells of the body and with it the amounts of oxygen. This can result with vertigo and consciousness and it will be good to see your doctor if you experience these symptoms too often.


People with heart disease can suffer from nausea and loss of appetite. This is a result of stored fluids in the area of stomach and liver. If these symptoms are followed with stomach pain then it is time to see your doctor and get checkup so that it can determine the right cause of this condition you are experiencing.


If the heart is not working right problems occur in the blood stream as well as lymphatic system. This causes storing of fluids in the tissues and results in swelling in the joints, legs and feet. This disorder called edema is very common symptom of variety of disorders and it can be confusing. Therefore it is recommended to visit a doctor so that the right cause of the swelling is determined.

Skin tone

Pale or bluish skin tone is a symptom that may indicate you have heart problem. The skin is pale or bluish as a result to limited amounts of blood that get to the cells. This can also be symptom of anemia or shock but see your doctor just in case, so you can be sure of the real reason.

Skin rashes

Researches show that people with skin conditions like eczema or herpes zoster are more prone to heart diseases. it shows in strange rashes or spots on the skin and if you are in the group of people with this skin diseases then see your doctor to get proper medical care.