15 Warning Cancer Signs Which People Don’t Notice Until It Is Too Late!


Unfortunately, the number of people that have cancer but don’t notice the symptoms is getting larger. This is a result of the media only promoting the symptoms of only few types of common cancer.

Early detection of cancer is extremely important since it gives the patient a fighting chance against the disease.

Universal Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Every type of cancer has its own specific symptoms since it depends upon the location of the cancer cells and their stage. However, there are few universal signs, which are the same for every type of cancer.

1. Changes in your stool

  • Sudden change in stool quantity
  • Common diarrhea
  • Constant stomach pain

These can be the warning symptoms of cancer on the upper digestive tract.

2. Changes in your stool

Frequently visiting the toilet
Pain while urinating
These can be the symptoms of cancer in the prostate or urinary bladder.

3. Wounds start appearing

Wounds can be a sign of a few cancer types such as skin cancer, mouth cancer or genital cancer.

If you notice any kind of pain in the body, consult with a doctor.

4. Bleeding:

  • Bloody stool
  • Blood in the urine
  • Coughing blood

These signs can warn of a few cancer types. It is highly recommended that you consult with a doctor as soon as you can.

5. Problems digesting food

One of the most common reasons symptoms of cancer is having a hard time digesting foods.

6. Changes in the skin color and spots

  • Changes in the color, form and size of moles
  • Newly formed spots on the skin

These are also a few warning cancer symptoms. If you notice some changes, immediately consult with a dermatologist.

7. Stiffness and lumps in some parts from the body

If you notice a lump in any part of your body, you should immediately consult with a doctor since lumps are connected with some types of cancer.

8. Increased growth of hair

Increased hair growth is also a common cancer symptom. If you notice a change in your hair, consult with a doctor.

9. Skin changes

Changes in the skin can be a result from different health conditions. However, if you notice red, yellow or darkened spots on the skin, immediately see a doctor for a check-up.

10. Pain

  • Sudden headaches
  • Pain in the back

These two can also be symptoms of some cancer types.

11. Fever

Fever is usually connected to cancer of the immune system, but it can sometimes also be a sign of the cancer disease progressing throughout the body.

12. Sudden weight loss

If you lose a lot of weight without diet or exercising, it could be a signal for cancer.

13. Coughing

Chronic coughs or throat inflammation can be a sign of cancer of the respiratory system. If the coughs don’t stop, visit a doctor.

14. Unusual lymph glands

If by any chance you notice some kind of unusual thickening of the lymph glands, immediately seek medical help.

15. Tiredness/Fatigue

Chronic tiredness can be a warning sign of cancer as well.

NOTE: The symptoms mentioned above can also mean other health conditions, so be sure to avoid panicking if you notice any of the symptoms. Consult with a doctor first.